Dragon's Prophet incinerates the MMO Market

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SOE is back at it again with an ambitious new project that is set to rock the late summer and early fall season. Developed by Runewaker Entertainment (the same people responsible for Runes of Magic), Dragon’s Prophet is a hardcore action MMO with a twist that is sure to excite.

The name of the game in Dragon’s Prophet is dragon taming. The game is built around finding dragons of all shapes and sizes (some of which break every draconic convention in the book), fighting them, and getting them under your control so that you can use them in combat. These dragons become an integral part of gameplay, having their hands – or claws? – in almost every aspect of the game, not to mention the fact that dragon capturing is one of its main challenges. It’s not the only challenge, though; there are a lot of tough dungeons and area bosses awaiting plucky adventurers in the world of Dragon’s Prophet.

Basic combat in Dragon’s Prophet is more unique than one might find in a standard action MMO. Attacks are actually built around combos, where players will be able to unleash a series of normal attacks with the left mouse button that will change the right mouse button’s attack depending on the combo chain. These final attacks add a devastating amount of damage, but each combo will do something different. It’s worth exploring all of the combos to see which one would work best in a given situation. The game’s basic system also includes more common functions like skills, buffs, and debuffs – but a player’s active dragon may also give the player new abilities that they can use themselves and/or different buffs specific only to them. Dragons themselves can also be summoned for combat and will attack enemies at a player’s command, and they also serve as the game’s mounts.

Currently, Dragon’s Prophet features four classes: the Guardian, Ranger, Oracle, and Sorcerer.  These classes tend to play somewhat typically to standard MMO tropes; with the Guardian wearing heavy armor and being able to use strong weapons to hit multiple targets, the Ranger wearing leather armor and shooting from a distance, and the Sorcerer being a ranged caster in cloth armor. The Oracle stands out among them, being a melee caster who can link combos with their scythe and has a series of abilities involving nature spells. More to the point, however, a part of the challenge in Dragon’s Prophet is finding dragons that suit each player’s class. Certain dragons are designed to adapt more to certain classes than others. For example, a Ranger or an Oracle might have a hard time trying to tame a plated ground-faring dragon because of its heavy defense and hard hits, while a Guardian might have a harder time with a faster-moving flying dragon both because of the speed disadvantages and because of the distance. A major strategic factor in Dragon’s Prophet is finding and pairing the right dragons with the right classes – though the dragons are all so cool that players should try to mix and match styles as much as they can.

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