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Kings and Legends Global is a brand new type of game which combines elements of original trading card games and adding tactical combat elements, it's an exciting new way to play! Here is the MMOsite Exclusive Interview with Kings and Legends, check it out below!

1. Could you introduce yourself and provide a brief background about Kings and Legends Global?

I’m Shaun Brodie, the Community Manager for Kings and Legends Global on Kings and Legends Global is the newest game to be launched on the GameFuse Portal, and we’re really excited to have it join our lineup. It’s a really fun collectible trading card game, which is surprisingly simple to learn, but also incredibly difficult to master. I think one of the most exciting things about the game is that the social and RPG elements of an MMO have been combined seamlessly into the card game.

2. How did you come up with the name of the game?

We wanted a name which would speak to the dual nature of the game. We think that Kings and Legends Global speaks to the nature of the player’s character as King and commander of his army, and the character’s cards or army are comprised of some truly legendary creatures.

3. Why global?

We wanted to speak to the global nature of the game. CCGs are enjoyed by players worldwide, and GameFuse will be the premiere destination for Kings and Legends Global players across the globe. Players will be able to experience new content, tournaments, and exclusive cards that won’t be available anywhere else.

4. Can you explain the MMO aspects of the game?

In Kings and Legends Global you have a character which will be represented on the battlefield. You’ll gain experience and increase in power as you advance in levels and manage your gear. Heck, there’s even a crafting system to let players create and enhance the power of their gear and their cards. In addition to this, you’ll gain reputation as you’re playing with seven different races and unlock new cards to use in your deck. Add to that guilds that can be advanced to unlock different bonuses and powerful raid-like boss battles, and you’ve got a CCG with a huge MMO twist.

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