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With the upcoming closed beta of Soldier Front 2, some people may be wondering if this game is worth their time. Well, you should know that the developers did more here than just slap on a new coat of paint. The graphics and gameplay have been updated, but there are also a hefty amount of surprises here to catch your interest.

First, consider that Soldier Front 2 will be starting off with a whopping eight gameplay modes. The classic Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are there, of course. Then we have Bombing and Seizure, where one team must either kill all members of the opposing team or safely deliver an objective without dying. Next, there is the odd addition of Shatter mode, where the main objective is simply to break the floor under your opponent and drop them to their deaths. This is more of a fun, arcade type of mode, as it places question-mark shaped power-ups around the map to be picked up to receive more powerful weapons such as throwing axes and crossbows.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The last three modes are huge and may become the main draw of the game. There are not one, but three exciting PvE modes that pit the player against a race of aliens named “Xanthids”. There are Defense and Survival, where a team of up to four players must fight for their lives against wave after wave of alien monstrosities. Despite what the names suggest, in Defense your main objective is simply to defend yourself, while in Survival there is more of a focus on defending a particular object. The object will release toxic fumes when destroyed forcing you to move to a new area of the map. How long will you last?

Both modes are dwarfed by the coming Hero mode. This mode is hoping to break new ground by seamlessly mixing together FPS and MOBA gameplay. Two teams of five must each fight together with the Xanthids to take down the objective in the enemy's base. The experience may not be quite as immersive as a real MOBA, but the new vantage point may be more attractive than you think. Each player fights to upgrade themselves and push their lanes to take down enemy towers, aliens, players, and eventually their base. This mode drags on and on, similar to most MOBAs, but given the game the matches should probably be shortened a little. If both teams are of similar skill, Hero games can take  over 40 minutes to complete. This makes the mode a bit slow-paced for a shooting game. Hero mode seems to be aiming to attract players from games such as League of Legends, which tend to have very large communities. Whether or not they succeed is up to you.

Just the game mode selection of Soldier Front 2 is enticing enough, but perhaps you want more to shoot for? Older players may be happy to know that you will still be able to change which army you belong to just as you could before, though not all armies from the first game are supported yet. This opens the game up for possibilities of roleplaying, for those that are into that, but also gives you the option to play as a female soldier. There is also an extensive achievement list in place for those that want something specific to strive for.


Of course, it will not be all sunshine and daisies for the developers of Soldier Front 2. The first game had quite a reputation for hackers which drove a considerable amount of people away from the game. If they do not put forth extra effort to stop them this time, it will come as a huge disappointment for any newer players that would be trying out Soldier Front for the first time. The game currently seems like it will be great fun, and it can all easily be ruined if they let hackers run amok.

Either way, you can still enjoy what the game has to bring. It will be starting off with around 15 different well-designed maps, over 20 weapons, and five unlockable armies. And with so many ways to play, you should be able to find something you really enjoy here. If you are still skeptical, you should also realize that you can directly hit enemies with grenades for damage on this game. See if you can kill an enemy player that way!

All jokes aside, Soldier Front 2 is looking to be quite the prize for online FPS players. If you are already a fan of Soldier Front, then its sequel is definitely for you. If you are new to the game, it deserves to be given a chance so go and sign up for the beta! You will have a great time and perhaps you could even meet new friends.

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