Cabal Online Cross Server PvP 1vs1 Ladder After Launch Impact

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Only two months after Cabal Online Episode 9, the free to play MMORPG latest massive content update was published, CEO explains impact on daily game experience for the community and how the fans have embraced it.

Episode 9 brought a new 1vs1 cross-server ladder which sounds like a great feature, what kind of impact has had on the cabal players’ game experience?

This new ladder, and the brand-new Battleground that came with it, has not only changed the 1v1 PvP scene in CABAL, but it has also shown our players what the developers are planning for the future! Players can now claim with complete certainty that they are the best of their class in PvP, as the ranking is visible for all – and if you are number one on the ladder it is not because you got lucky. It takes skill, time and determination to fight your way to the top. As far as we know this is also the very first MMO to feature cross-server ranked 1v1 PvP, and for our players it simply means that if you are the best, you are the best across all servers!

How many people are participating in the ladder monthly? And what kind of feedback are you guys getting from the community?

We have hundreds of players participating, although many others are also focusing on improving their characters in order to fight better. Our community has been positive about this new ladder, although being MMO-players they have also been very quick to start requesting additional features. Many players are also waiting for the 3v3 and 5v5 ranked battles coming later this year.

Rising Force (Episode 9) also brought a skill revamp in order to make the 1vs1 ladder more balanced. How have this affected Gameplay and PvE?

We have seen certain classes be regarded as more powerful after the update, which will of course always happen. Many skills had their effects changed, to accommodate all the new features –we are talking about things like a skill casting Silence on the opponent, rendering them frozen and unable to use skills for a couple of seconds –and of course the character stats such as defense and dodge rating changed. This has had the effect of making the CABAL gameplay even more dynamic, and it was already fast-paced before the update. For our PvE focused players all the bosses and dungeons were increased in difficulty, to compensate for players being much stronger compared to before the update.

Are you planning in taking this PvP ladder to a professional gaming phase?

This is certainly something we have considered, and we will have some exciting news about this. Currently we have the ladder battles divided into seasons, and we are looking at offering players the chance to win some really great prizes for being top-ranked on the ladder.

Going back to PvE, I wanted to ask you about the latest content update, that also brought a new instance, the Tower of the Dead B3F. How much did the community like this new dungeon?

This dungeon stands head and shoulders above any other in CABAL, simply in terms of difficulty. The Tower of the Dead B3F is a challenge for even the best-geared players, and for them this has been a very welcome update! I can tell you that as of right now no European party managed to finish this dungeon, although I know of a couple of guilds coming closer and closer. Having this dungeon as a milestone is a very good thing, and I believe our players welcome the challenge. And of course you can never forget that the most epic gear comes from there either, to serve as some extra motivation!

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