Age of Wushu Ultimate Scrolls: Tia Chi Fist & Jade Maiden's Sword

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The Ultimate Scrolls are the height of power within schools in Age of Wushu. Players that complete the School Instance that they belong to have the opportunity to study some of their sects most devastating and coveted overts, feints, and parries. Take a look at two of these unique skills, Tai Chi Fist and Jade Maiden’s Sword.

The members of Wudang and their mastery of balance and movement are exemplified in the Tai Chi Fist. Opening the Tai Chi allows players to explode with great power across distances in combat whether to stay away safely or to close the gap in the pursuit of a fleeing spy or script thief.  The root of this skill set is in defense though, strong use of dodges and redirects make the Tai Chi Fist a powerful addition to an already balanced warrior.

The women of Emei are usually known for the light and quick slashing. Unlike the Wudang Ultimate Scroll, which stays in the same vein as the other skills and strengths, the Emei unleash a strong and powerful Ultimate Scroll with the Jade Maiden’s sword. No longer the swift striking ladies we once knew, a master of the Jade Maiden’s sword can now send enemies flying with strong swipes of the blade and then control her opponent anywhere she pleases in flight or on the ground. The power is now in the hands of Emei with the Jade Maiden’s sword making them a better-rounded fighter to fear in battle.

Both of these are only available to the members of their schools. These coveted sets are the most guarded secrets within the sects. Begin your training today in order to one day learns these skills in the expansion OR to defend against them when they appear in Jianghu. Begin training now in Age of Wushu, available online or at GameStop.

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