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StilAlive studios has kicked off its Kickstarter campaign for the single-player and co-op action adventure Son of Nor with a goal of $150,000.

Son of Nor features the last remnants of mankind fighting the lizard-man army of Sarahul using a combination of fire, wind, terraforming and telekinetic powers. In this dark future, it appears humans have learned to wield rocks with their minds, but have lost all ability to whack something with a stick. Maybe we should just let the lizard men win? The final version of Nor is targeted to be about eight hours, with a 50/50 blend of combat and puzzle exploration.


Besides playing this game with keyboard & mouse or gamepads, you can use your mind to control terraforming and telekinetic powers! Don't believe in your eyes? Watch the following video for a short demostration:



If the Kickstarter is successful, the team plans to continue development through the year, updating its progress with developer diaries. A closed beta is planned for Q1 2014, with the final game scheduled for mid-2014. Head on over to the Son of Nor Kickstarter page for more details on reward tiers.

Source: Joystiq

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