Dungeon Crawling Action MMO HeroesGo Closed Beta Test Finale

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The latest highly-anticipated action MMORPG HeroesGo has ended its closed beta test, ESTsoft is proud to announce that CBT for HeroesGo was nothing short of a stunning success. A tremendous amount of positive feedback was received during the closed beta testing period, along with many constructive player suggestions that will aid in shaping the final version of the game.

HeroesGo has explosively reinvented dungeon-crawling action for a new generation. During the course of closed beta testing, players latched on to social features and elements of interactivity inherently present in the game, crafting powerful items for each other, joining forces to take down notoriously tough boss monsters, and involving themselves deeply within the brand-new HeroesGo community by offering each other strategies and opinions about maximizing their character’s stats and combinations of chosen skills and abilities.

The newly formed community quickly blossomed into an environment filled with camaraderie and player interaction, helpful and constructive development feedback, and detailed bug reporting featuring live responses from a team of highly experienced QA-trained community managers. In one short week between the first weekend of testing and the second, ESTsoft immediately acted on player feedback and reports, delivering multiple fixes and even new content during the course of the closed beta test, which would not have been possible without the invaluable aid of a passionate and driven community.

"Player response was very impressive," said Ajmal Popal, assistant product manager of HeroesGo for ESTsoft Inc. "Almost instantly, an involved community was born; players quickly began banding together, utilizing advanced tactics and sharing strategies to overcome difficult parts of the game. We were fortunate to host an intelligent and insightful group of testers, and I think it really underscores the fact that we have an engaging title on our hands. Players were able to identify the depth of the game through their experiences, which is one of the key factors that differentiates HeroesGo from other entries in the dungeon-crawling genre."

For the latest news and updates about HeroesGo, please visit the official website.

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