Is Google Getting Serious About Gaming?

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Google Glass is a hot word during these days, is Google serious about gaming? According to the report from TechCrunch, Google has hired the computer games veteran Noah Falstein to the position of Chief Game Designer several days ago. Yes, that’s right, the search giant, not normally known for its games development, appears to have a major gaming project in circulation. A Google Glass-related augmented-reality game seems a possibility, though there could be something even more serious going on.

Now the Google Glass jokes have officially gone mainstream. Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update — the bit that long ago became the best reason to tune into SNL — took on Glass last night… and, well, they kind of nailed it.

Starring the legendary Fred Armisen* as “Tech Correspondent” Randall Meeks, the skit tears into Glass for just about everything you’d expect. The cold, distant stare of a distracted Glass user? Yep. The sometimes whonky voice commands? Yep. Surprise porn? Of course.

Yeah, yeah — there’s an inaccuracy or two that probably has Glass devotees ’round the world spittin’ vitriol onto every forum within reach. But all in all, the writers did a pretty good job of making me laugh at myself. NBC’s version of the clip can be seen below.

Source: TechCrunch

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