League of Legends Leaked New Champion Lucian, The Gun Templar

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While Riot has not officially said anything about Lucian, The Gun Templar, he may be the next champion joining the League of Legends roster. Recently a leaked picture of artwork for a League of Legends champion named Lucian, The Gun Templar, was posted on the League of Legends forums. Riot was quick to remove the threads, and has not officially said anything regarding the matter, but let's think about what this could mean.

So he's got two guns. Magic guns, by the looks of it. To me, that says there's a high chance he's going to be an AD carry, but let's not rule out a gun AP carry. Hextech Revolver IS still in the game, right?

If Lucian is an AD carry this will be a welcome change to the AD carry metagame. With the unwavering popularity of Caitlyn and Miss Fortune, AD carry picks have become rather stagnant. Introducing a new AD could mean that many supports could find themselves suddenly picked more or less, given how they interact with Lucian. It could also mean that some of the strongest picks at the moment may be seen less. If Lucian can handle Caitlyn's long range poke or Miss Fortune's excellent trading ability and AOE ultimate the meta is certainly going to shift.

If Lucian is an AP champion it will most likely not mean much to the metagame. The variance of mid picks is already so high that adding one more champion will not have a big effect. Stay tuned for more info in the coming days on Lucian, The Gun Templar.

Source: SK gaming

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