Icarus Online Closed Beta Gameplay Preview

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By chanelluoDate: May 03 2013 Views:


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Korean WeMade's latest fantasy MMORPG "Icarus Online" has entered its closed beta, the highly anticipated game developed by CryEngine 3 is so hot that the servers have been exploded. Icarus Online was called Ned when it made its debut last year. Five playable races in Icarus Online are: Beserker; Guardian; Priest; Assassin; and Wizard. Now take a little break to enjoy the game preview from Steparu, he has recorded five gameplay videos along with a first look preview of the character customization process. Check it out right now!

Interesting character creation, lots of customization with all kinds of sliders and presets for players to play around with.

Seems like there is only one race available, having played a lot of MMORPG's one of the things that I have noticed right away is that some of the character poses look a bit familiar. Can you guess which ones?!

I kept asking myself, why couldn't this be an Action MMORPG? Heck, the Assassin already has a cool looking dodge or dashing button. Such beautiful looking graphics wasted on classical combat. This game may look great now, but in terms of quality ArcheAge and Bless are still on the the top of my list for Point & Click masters. Didn't really have much of problem with the game engine, was very smooth and fast. I am hoping that the fellow system in the game is as good as they say it is. I am one level away from getting my first mount so I will be posting a video of it on Youtube this weekend.


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