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Ragnarok Online 2 is regarded as the sequel to the world-renown Ragnarok Online. Gravity Interactive is proud to announce that Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second will enter its Beta testing on April 18th. RO2 fans may be interested in the interview with the producer, Jason Koerperich, talking about some of the features about the game.

1. First of all, thank you for taking time to answer a few questions on Ragnarok Online 2 for us. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello there everyone! I'm Jason Koerperich, and I've been working with Ragnarok in some form since I began working at Gravity Interactive in 2004. As the years have gone by I've been the Community Manager, (under the name Heimdallr on the forums), and later lead producer for Ragnarok Online 1. Now I am leading the Ragnarok 2 team here at Gravity Interactive.

2. Fans have been looking forward to Ragnarok Online 2 for a long time. When did development start for it?

Ragnarok 2 has been in planning and various forms of Beta since 2004, this vision of RO2 I would say has been in the works since about 2008 or 2009.

3. As we know there is a first version called The Gate of the World. Why did you decide to change the original RO2 concept to its current one?

The Gate of the World was lacking that certain something that would give it the appeal and wide acceptance that the successor to Ragnarok deserved. There were some very interesting features in that game, but the overall look and feel didn't gel with the players that were trying it out. Ragnarok 2 Legend of the Second, certainly has the look that Ragnarok deserves and it focuses more on delivering fun and challenge to tight knit groups of players. Of course we have all the basic MMO features that everyone expects but we also have features outside those basics that make us more easily accessible to players.

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