Yatzy Online Brings New Design and Features to Android Phones and Tablets

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Yatzy Online makers Miracle Mill have unveiled the new design of the popular dice game for Android phones and tablets. The new look shifts from the purple and orange color scheme that was the focus of the first release of the app range, to more refreshing Blue visuals that feel natural and appealing.

In addition to the new visual identity, the Android game has been updated with several new features, such as the introduction of a portrait and landscape gameplay on Android tablets. This makes Yatzy Online one of the extremely rare dice games for Android that allow players to enjoy gameplay in their preferred device orientation.

Yatzy Online is available to players to download and play at no cost from several marketplaces, including the Google Play Store, Samsung Apps and the Amazon Appstore for Android. With the latest update, an ad-free premium version is also available to the Yatzy Online enthusiasts.

The Android apps are part of the Yatzy Online App Range for Android, iOS and Facebook.

The user experience across all apps is simple and effortless, and completely cross platform. Players are able to start an online game on one app and then pick it up on another app or device; they can play in real time or turn based, and all online games are automatically synced across devices. Players can also play several games simultaneously and switch between games and devices quickly and easily.

Yatzy Online supports all the 3 major variations of the game: 5 dice International version, 5 dice Scandinavian version, as well as a 6 dice version. Players can choose which version they prefer by using a simple switch, and have full freedom to have many ongoing games in different variations of the game.

For the beginner players, Yatzy is a social game that is played with five or six dice, between 2 to 4 players. Each player takes his turn and has 3 rolls at each go. At each turn, he can roll all the dice or keep as many dice as he likes from the previous rolls, in order to get the combination he wants. The one player that has the most points at the end of the game wins the game.

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