A New CG Trailer Created by Avatar's Artists for Launched for Asura

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With the imminent arrival of Asura, Tencent, one of the most successful game companies in China, hosted a launch event to celebrate the game's release. During its 2013 annual game launch event, the game company announced Asura was heading into Open Beta testing with all records and game progress to be kept, and unveiled a brand new CG teaser trailer created by a team of Third Floor artists renowned for being an integral part of the creation of Avatar for this upcoming game to shed some light on the background story.

Prepare yourselves for an adrenaline rush with a brand new CG trailer created by the most buzzed-about artists of Avatar

The new CG trailer for Asura released by Tencent during the launch event was entitled Origin and created by a bunch of dedicated previs artists from The Third Floor, the world's preeminent previsualization company to provide film makers with previs expertise. Its top notch talent pool makes a rare public appearance, but they have worked closely with George Lucas and represented an unparalleled level of artistry that has inspired the creation of many blockbuster films to include Avatar, 007: Skyfall, Battleship and the Avengers. The company has also partnered with some gaming giants. It is the creative force behind an incredibly epic CG trailer featuring Kerrigan Queen of Blade for Starcraft II.

The trailer is spell binding to showcase The Third Floor team’s top-tier expertise in computer graphics. Although it is a short version, the CG trailer is full of awesome and is an exciting viewing experience with an oriental appeal to depict a war upon us and get our blood pumping. This CG trailer is critically acclaimed after it hit the internet to grace fans in China.

Chinese online gaming companies seek to expand their presence around the globe

Game developers around the world have continued to partner up for international expansion over the past years. Different studios at the forefront of game development around the globe will team up for the release of a new game, while most of online games in China are developed by a company’s own studio. The cooperation between Tencent and Third Floor has indicated that Tencent, as one of the largest game publisher in China, is ready for a breakthrough in global cooperation.

A report from a domestic online game portal has pointed out that as one of the most-wanted 2D titles to deliver the action- packed gameplay developed by Tencent, Asura has been the most indispensable part of Tencent’s exploration of oversea markets. It was announced the game was prepared to be published outside of the Chinese market at the Tencent Games Carnival 2012.

Tencent has teamed up with the world’s most reputed international company to promote the game Asura with a desire to introduce the mythological culture of ancient China to the world through an international perspective for successful publishing to territories all around the world.

Asura will hit its Open Beta in June 2013. The open beta testing will be limited to Chinese servers.  Tencent is preparing for the launch of the game outside the Chinese market. The wait for this game is just around the corner.

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