Capcom and Tencent Announce Monster Hunter Online, Developed in Cry Engine 3

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The biggest surprise for video game players and the game industry does not come from either Sony or Microsoft, but from Tencent in China. After they successful completed their investment in Epic Game through stake acquirement, Tencent has developed a strategic cooperation relationship with industry veteran Capcom. And the first fruition coming out from this union was none other than a new entry of Capcom's hugely successful franchise: Monster Hunter Online

An unexpected guest, Yoshinori Ono, showed up on the floors of 2013 UP+ Tencent Games annual press conference. While he usually flight around the world attending Street Fighter's events, Yoshinori Ono brought with him a new title beyond any expectation, the Monster Hunter Online. Not only did Yoshinori Ono shows a CG video of the game on Capcom's behalf, a high quality trailer involves in game real time cut scene and gameplay footage was also demonstrated. More exciting information was disclosed soon after: this is an MMO title developed in Cry Engine 3, and Capcom had been preparing this for a long time.

From what we saw from the footage on the show floor, there is little doubt that Monster Hunter Online is the definite entry of the franchise, especially in the graphic department. Not even the latest released MHU3 can match the sheer graphic quality of MHO. By employing Cry Engine 3, the game utilize many features of the latest graphic API to boost its visual power, and the result, from the detailed character and monster model to the lush hunting environment, is indeed satisfying.

We were also glad to see the game retained incredible gameplay depth while making the graphic leap. The die-hard fans would be happy to hear the classic hunting action remain much the same, while the game will add all new monsters and hunting grounds to roster. What's more, older monsters such as Rathian, will be getting new attacks and tricks. Hunters beware, for you will face a bigger challenge than ever before.

A key question, the control, was brought out during the show. According to the source, MHO will support mouse and keyboard as secondary input device. The franchise's control has a reputation of turning off new players in the past (as many will stop playing because how complex the control and camera works in previous titles). If the issue could be resolved without altering the unique feeling of Monster Hunter's combat, MHO will certainly has a more boarder audience.

There was also something else caught our eye, at the end of the footage, we saw Plesioth swim through the ocean and chased by hunters raiding vehicles which resembles sea bikes. Does that mean there will be vehicle hunting in the game?

Finally, it is worthy to point out that MHO might come early than expected, Capcom and Tencent announced together that the game will begin alpha testing in June 2013. It will be the first time a Monster Hunter Title launched outside of Japan. Capcom must be well prepare for this bold move. Maybe at long last, there will be a Monster Hunter game qualify as a truly HD era title. And what makes the game so successful in Japan will finally make its way into the other parts of the world.

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