Neverwinter CB4 Unannounced Zones: The Chasm and Rothé Valley

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Anyone reading MMOsite would have seen that shiny, sparkling press release announcing the surprise fourth closed beta weekend and the unveiling of Neverwinter's profession/crafting system. While the profession system was the spotlight feature of the fourth weekend, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment never mentioned was that they were opening up two new zones in the final closed beta. Luckily MMOsite was there, and we have a first-hand view of the two unannounced zones added to the fourth beta weekend, complete with full questlines and events.

These zones start immediately after Icespire Peak. Quests for The Chasm begin at level 49, followed by Rothé Valley's questline starting at level 52.

A number of familiar elements return in The Chasm, most notably the fact that Neverwinter is experiencing a direct threat once again. The eruption of Mount Hotenow has ripped a massive cleft into the Sword Coast, and this great split has become known as The Chasm.  From it all sorts of demonic beasts and aberrant magical creatures have risen -- most of them being Spellplague in nature or having some kind of connection to the Spellplague -- and they are on a rampage. Heroes will work with a squad of plaguetouched Neverwinter soldiers and a couple of intrepid, inquisitive mages to try to hold the makeshift walls and stop these monsters from breaching Neverwinter's gates before the city falls under attack. There are a lot of cool elements in The Chasm, such as the fact that players will have to travel from different "districts" in the ruined city that once was before The Cataclysm by way of magical gateways centered at a great tower which serves as a central location. It's definitely one of the highlight areas of the second half of the game.

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