Lost Saga Begins Open Beta Test, Announces Commercial Launch Date

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WeMade Entertainment USA today announced it has started the open beta test (OBT) for the popular PC fighting MMO, LOST SAGA. The company also confirmed the action-packed online fighting game is scheduled to re-launch on May 2, 2013 with new Premium characters and planned regular content updates. The game's first-ever Premium character will be revealed—and available for play—when the game goes live on its new home at starting in two weeks. Since the game's initial announcement in March, WeMade USA has focused on ensuring a seamless transition for existing players while preparing for the game's evolution going forward.

Shown in a new trailer released by WeMade USA today, LOST SAGA is an action-packed online beat-em-up game. The MMO brawler brings together heroes from fantasy, history, and sci-fi in an epic fight for glory. Players can choose from over 50 unique heroes and level up and customize their skills. Fighters can be subbed in, tag-team style, and teams of up to 16 players can participate in a variety of game modes. Giving players an incentive to start playing early, progress earned in the OBT will carry over when the game officially launches.

"LOST SAGA fans are getting ready to join the battle once again as we near our May 2nd launch," said WeMade USA CEO Philip Yun. "We've worked hard to reward players with fresh content and new heroes to create an amazing experience."

To bring fans the best fighting experience online, WeMade USA has also been preparing a host of new and exciting content that will be released through regular updates. The OBT features new content including 15 new heroes, two new game modes, and four new maps. Players who log in will be rewarded with 30 hours of play time with the new heroes, 100,000 gold, and three permanent gear chests. Going forward, LOST SAGA will roll out an outstanding lineup of new and well-known characters to join the game's pantheon—including a new class of Premium fighters that will introduce recognized characters from the fighting world.

Players can visit to download the game and participate in the OBT ahead of the game's commercial launch. Fighters are encouraged to visit the official WeMade USA Facebook page for LOST SAGA at to share their thoughts on their experience.

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