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Understanding skills in Age of Wushu does not just mean if it is an Overt, Feint, or Parry.  All skills (Internal and Combat) come from a point of origin in study that is unique to that School, Skill Set, and other variables. Increase the Internal Cultivation speed of a skill by training in a particular region unique to that particular skill.

Internal Cultivation is the easiest way to level up a particular Combat Skill or Internal Skill. Setting the skill and let it cultivate in the background of your mind and journey.  This is the slowest form of cultivation because less attention is taken to leveling the skill. Practices (Team and Solo) devote time and sometimes coin to the leveling up of a skill so those are faster in the process.  This does not mean that the Internal Cultivation should be ignored once it began. The cultivation of skills draws knowing as much about the background of a skill can make the enhancing of it faster, literally.

The Land of Treasure refers to special regions where certain skills cultivate faster, the connection with the surroundings shared with the particular skill makes the kung fu masters mind and body become one in understanding so the cultivation is easier to achieve.

There are seven attributes each martial arts skill belongs to: Yin, Yang, Hard, Soft, Tai Chi, Feminine, and Masculine. Each attribute has an appropriate place to study, these locations are:


Towns hinder the learning of skills. The distractions and commotion of the buys streets prevent proper focus on cultivating a technique. When using Internal Cultivation, players will see Slow when traveling through large towns. 
You can tell what attribute the Skill is two ways. The first is through the skill book, and the icon for that skill.

Another is when you go to cultivate that skill. The Belong To field tells what the attribute is for that particular skill. Age of Wushu is live and Free-To-Play. April 23rd will also see Age of Wushu in a GameStop near your own Land of Treasure.

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