OP Grand Line S1 Merry April 22 1200 Close Beta Starts

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OP Grand Line is a ARPG game based on the hit animated TV series "One Piece". Players can challenge millions other gamers online and equipped with high quality equipments not limited by levels. A combination of animation and plots opens a all new pirate world.

Four characters:
The swordsman: has blessing from best friend Zoro. Good at melee attack, has better ability on physic attack.
The chef: has blessing from best friend Franky, has excellent defense and better ability on control.
The navigator: has blessing from best friend Nami, good at ranged magic damage, has excellent single, group on magic damage.
The archaeologist: has blessing from best friend Robin, good at heeling and good ability on magic damage as well.

You can never imagine one day these world-famous pirates could be your partners! In OP Grand Line, you could pick one or a few of them to be your partners and take on the adventure to be the pirate king.

Three type of Haki at your service:
"Haki" is a power that lies in all world's creatures. It's not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. But here in OP Grand Line, you can use your Haki as you want.

For more information in Dyausgame OP Grand Line Facebook page.

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