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After playing Kritika for a while, I can say for the most part I enjoyed it a lot. The game play was fun, it was challenging at times, I experienced very little lag (Surprisingly), and most of all, I didn't get lost in what to do.

The overall challenge for playing foreign games is that you most likely don't understand what to do. Fortunately, Kritika is a very easy game to understand, and doesn't break your head trying to understand what to do and where to go.

Job Information

The one thing you notice about the classes straight away is that it's gender locked. Despite that, the classes are still fun to play.

The chart above shows the three jobs, and one of the three advancements they can take. I myself played the rogue, and then job advanced into the Cat Acrobat at level 15, which is the level for job advancement.

Game play, Skills, and Content

Leveling in this game is very quick until the later levels. You can easily level once every two-three quests, and the dungeons themselves don't pose that big of a problem.

Now, quests are very easy to understand, once you accept a quest, it'll point you off in the direction, and have a nice little symbol on the level you need to go. Not only do quests give a very nice amount of exp, but they come at you quickly. Finishing quests are simple enough as well, just take a quick look at the map for the exclamation mark and you're all set to go. A nicer thing to notice is that they provide you an arrow where to go after you finish each area level, so no getting lost!

Here's an example of the Dungeon selection screen:

Notice there's a red list icon on the dungeon with the yellow outline, which means there's a quest. The box on the bottom right indicates the difficulty from 1-4.

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