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In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is portrayed as the guardian that governs the destinies of those born under the 12 signs of the zodiac. Mythical legends about Athena are often told and retold. Nearly every little boy dreams to become a golden saint and embark on a perilous adventure to save the imprisoned Athena, gods and goddess. War Blade developed by the Dream Square is a browser-based game set in a world based on such Greek mythology.

The story unfolds with the thrill of battle pitting players against Hades, King of the Netherworld who seized Athena in the Third God's War. Athena was imprisoned by Hades in the Sacrificial Rack after she became exhausted from healing war-stricken lands. Her knights were enslaved by Hades and mutated into evil soldiers. A hero came save Athena and those suffering in the Netherworld. The hero survived severe challenges to be blessed with the sacred power, defeated Hades and rescued Athena from the prison. But the entire world was still embroiled in chaos. The hero faced challenges from Titans. Defeating them is the only way to peace and stability.

Background Story Video:

War Blade enables players to enter the game via a client or webpage to experience the addictive gameplay. Players need to install a plug-in before getting instant access to the webpage-version of the game. The webpage version is convenient for those at work or with a smooth internet connection. The client version will provide veteran players with breathtaking graphics. The game is beautifully crafted with strong elements of Diablo style graphics featuring real time 3D motion capture, fast paced action, stunning animations and exceptional maneuverability, which makes the game efficiency comparable to the internet phenomenon of Drakensang, a browser-based western MMORPG game.

War Blade in-game video:

4 classes, including Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest, are introduced in the released video. They are the most common types of classes with which players are familiar with. It deserves mention that a wide range of equipment, mounts and pets are available in the game. Players can enjoy collecting 12 sets of golden constellation suits, and also will be allowed to be equipped with the wings of darkness or brightness, which is a way to realize their childhood dreams. At the same time, action-packed PVP combat in the game offer players the thrilling hack and slash gaming experience.

The game has the most unique gameplay. Players will max out their characters ability to become immortal as they level up their characters. Players must complete instance quests to meet prerequisite requirements for sharpening combat power, strengthening character's attributes, or upgrading skills, equipment and characters. With the completion of certain instance quests, players will be awarded with the Star Force that can be used to increase the Godship for character upgrades or the acquisition of spring water with distinctive attributes. The spring water received can improve character's attributes permanently. Each instance is divided into several stages. Players must pass the final stage to save one of the Gods. Players will be evaluated for their performance to pass each stage. With certain amount of stars consumed, players can open Pandora's Box to be rewarded with quantities of prizes.

When players are tasked with becoming the immortal, they will have opportunities to refine the character's Godship. A new title and additional basic attribute points will be awarded to players as the upgrading of Godship. According to different levels of Godship, titles received will be different. The Star Force can be used to make the Godship increase in level if requirements for talents, levels and corresponding God's Faith are met. The Star Force mainly comes from instances featuring quests of becoming the immortal. Players will be rewarded with God's Faith and talents after passing final stage of each instance. With the upgrading of Godship and talents, players will be able to defeat Hades and Titans.

War Blade is currently in the stage of closed beta testing. It is believed that the internet will be buzzing with the release of the game very soon.

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