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This year’s game feasts are in full swing, lots of new MMOs have rounded up like the spring rain. Every game has a hidden gold inside of it, it may shine and surprise you in the near future, so let's just take time and wait for the one that can attract your eyeballs. By the way, don't forget to vote for your favorite new games in the last page.


NO.10 Navy Field 2

Navy Field 2 is a multiplayer, online action real-time strategy (RTS) naval warfare game set in World Wars I and II which will be released this year. It offers fast-paced, action intensive naval warfare using the RTS model, will allow players to turn back the clock and experience historically accurate battles from World Wars I and II including the Battle of Midway and the last battle of the Bismarck.

Nexon America has opened the teaser web page for Navy Field 2 and the real time action MMORTS will enter its closed beta on March 27th. Interested gamers can give it a shot to experience the game’s multiplayer setting which supports engagements of up to 192 ships controlled by 64 players. Playable ships include destroyers, battleships and aircraft carriers that are fully customizable down to their officers, technical equipment and weapons.


NO.9 Viper Circle

Viper Circle, an upcoming free-to-play online action shooter, is announced by Korea-based game publisher and developer Neowiz Games based on Unreal engine 3 for the first time. Viper Circle is planned to launch in the last quarter of 2013. Currently Viper Circle's official site provides 4 languages for players: Korean, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.


Viper Circle is set in near future, skyrocketing oil price and the exhaustion of fossil fuel become the most critical global issue, so some conglomerates rise and aim at developing energy sources which could replace fossil fuels and to monopolize the production and distribution of them. There are two major conglomerates, "Pacific Defense System (PDS) and "Eon Industry Union (EIU)", which rule the global economy and politics, also known as "Superstates" by exceeding the boundaries of nations. PDS dominates Asia, while EIU commands America and the Commonwealth. And there is secretive military faction known as "Dominance", headquartered in South Africa. These "Superstates" are constantly issuing covert and ruinous 'missions' to deliver fatal blow to each other. These missions are compared to how a viper hunts their prey by infiltrating their victims hideouts and injecting venom into their hearts, so the mercenary group is called Viper Circle.

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