Zenimax Answers Another Round of Combat Questions for TESO

Posted on Mar 25 2013

Zenimax Online Studios returned once again this week for the second part of its combat-focused "Ask Us Anything" (AUA) series for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). In the latest AUA, you'll find answers to questions relating to projectile ammo, weapon & class skills, sneaking & stealth, being a PvP healer, blocking, and more. And as an early warning, be careful on the field of PvP as you're armor just might make you a target.

"Light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor all have distinctive looks. There are also many different types and levels of armor. For example, there are different levels of Orcish armor in light, medium, and heavy. Our goal is certainly to have you be able to tell what armor someone is wearing at a glance, but that'll come more easily the longer you play because there are so many possible combinations."

Check out the full AUA for more.


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