Scarlet Blade - Closed Beta Review: Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Scarlet Blade is a completely free-to-play sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG. It was developed by LivePlex and is being published in North America by Aeria Games. It features strong PvP elements, a uniquely detailed world, and an engaging, well-crafted story set in a dystopian future. I'm here to break down my beta experience for you in a concise and structured review of the game with what I feel is important in an MMORPG.

Let's talk about the most obvious and controversial element of Scarlet Blade: the character design. It's a bold move on Aeria Games part to release this game and it requires an age rating of 17+ to play. It contains some mild nudity and for being a founder's pack, you can even take of your starting lingerie. Honestly, I don't think this is as big of a deal as people are making out. It makes a few people happy and for anyone else who doesn't care, it shouldn't bother you. The character design is beautiful and the worlds to match. Each class has a well-designed thematic of fem-fatale and the character customization options, while few are more than enough to get the look you want for your character.

The armours in this game, surprisingly unlike other MMORPG's actually cover more of the character as levels go on and some of the armours get to look really cool after time. I really enjoyed how awesome my character looked at later levels and it really helped with the progression feel of the game.

The current cap during the time I have played in Closed Beta, the level cap was level 29 which is more than enough to explore some early PvP and Dungeon content. Players can engage in 1-on-1 duels, or in massive battlegrounds featuring 50 v 50, 80 v 80 players. There are also objective-based PvP matches which have additional conditions for victory aside from simply gathering kills; honestly, I was surprised with the amount of PvP features in this game and really enjoyed the amount of diversity and choice I had in this game.

But what matters in PvP? Classes. There are 6 unique classes, each with its distinct look, individual costumes, and play style. Players may choose from the Punisher, the Medic, the Shadow Walker, the Sentinel, the Defender, and the Whipper. My main play through was played with the Whipper, a sort of mid-ranged melee arche-type (think Ivy from Soul Calibur) the skills are rather colourful and they dish out a ton of damage. I also got to try out the Medic and the Punisher who were very much different, but not really my play-style.

The combat is this game is standard point and click and movement is WASD or Point and click depending on your preference; it has a pretty good auto-movement system to get you to your quest mobs and quest NPC's so your gameplay is entirely what you want to do, whether it's to complete quests or grind mobs… it gives a lot more time back to the player. Something I absolutely loved about this system is that most questions, accepting and finishing are done through the COM system so you never need to bounce around NPC's handing in and collecting quests, they're all sent to your character and you don't have to keep finding NPC's the only time you do need to go and see NPC's is when it is involved in your quest.

I can't say enough good things about the fundamentals of Scarlet Blade all the features combined make a really good game-play experience. The worlds are beautiful, the mounts are cool and transforming in to a gigantic robot never gets old. If sexy women killing stuff with tons of PvP options is your thing, give this a shot; if the over-sexualisation bothers you, try it anyway; the game has tons of features and you'll easily see past it.

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