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As we know, the refreshed MMORPG Arcane Saga which was previously known as Prius Online is set to launch foin the first half of 2013. New fun is added to the heart of the game, so our MMO Site Elite Columnist Alex “Icaras” Adams gives a Q&A interview with Jon-Enée “Neume” Merriex, Producer from Netmarblewith. Check it out below.

Q: Hey there, would you like to introduce yourself to our viewers?
A: Hey, my name is Jon-Enée Merriex and I’m the producer for Arcane Saga.

Q: What role do you serve within Netmarble?
A: I’m in charge of planning and managing the team, and ensuring we hit our launch window as well as revenue targets.

Q: Now that we have formalities out of the way, tell us something you love about Arcane Saga!
A: The combo system. I just can’t get enough of it. Other games have combo-like systems but, in Arcane Saga, you – the player – get to not only decide what that combo is, but also what rewards you receive for hitting it. Additionally, the system is flexible. If you have a bonus early in a combo that is wearing off before you are done with your combo, you can chose to reset the combo and get that bonus, then move on.

It’s just a lot of fun and really puts you in the moment during combat. During boss fights, it’s even more intriguing as you need to maneuver around the space and try to hit your combos as much as possible!

Q: What is your stance on the open world PvP that seems to be a huge feature but discouraging for some players?
A: I’m an old school PvPer so suffice it to say I cannot imagine gaming without it. From a business standpoint, open world PvP really allows players to create their own content. But from a marketing perspective, I understand that not everyone has the fortitude to deal with PvP all the time.

By launch we’re currently planning to have a PvP server for real hardcore players and a Care Bear (PvE) server for players who enjoy focusing on PvE content.

Q: What state of the game are you hoping to release in; favouring releasing content slowly or releasing a more complete model?
A: We have so much content right now it is staggering. One thing we’ve done is scaled back a lot of content to give players time to experience the content and play with it a while. The Korean version is already at level 90. We could just release all of that content, but we feel that will make parts of the game that are fun and engaging less interesting.

So we’re planning to update content over time. Within the first year of live service we’ll release all content up to level 90. By then, the studio should have more content to release.

Q: What do you feel is the biggest challenge with releasing or rather… re-booting a game like Arcane Saga?
A: A lot of it has been prioritizing what to do. There were definitely hard choices and myriad arguments about which direction we should go. For instance, in our office we had a strong will to remove gender locks. Ultimately we all realized that while removing gender locks would be a great thing for the game, doing so would require every piece of armour to be tweaked and that could take years.

We think we’ve come to a middle ground, and later this year plan to develop something that we hope will alleviate the issue, but still, it is very difficult to make a lot of these decisions.

Q: Will guild content a.k.a. castle siege be available on release and what other guild features can we expect to see?
A: We will have guilds upon release. Castle Siege will be delayed by a few months. There are some concerns that the studio is currently working out. After that, we’ll release Arena PvP and more. I’d love to detail out everything that is coming, but I think it is good to keep some things secret still.

Q: Obviously free2play games are funded by their cash shops and this is usually a controversial issue, do you plan to modify what is in the cash shop to better accommodate for the western market?
A: We’re still talking about this with the studio. We have not actually finalized how we plan to monetize other than to say we will have a cash shop and the game will be free-to-play. Outside of that, there are myriad options and we’re trying to plan the perfect one for Arcane Saga.

Q: The community makes or breaks a game; do you currently have any plans on how you will stimulate growth?
A: We like to think that building a community is more about a slow burn than a flash fire. I’ve been at the helm of a number of games and the ones that had the best staying power were the ones where the community was built one person at a time, and that is definitely our strategy leading up to launch.

We’re focusing all efforts right now on gathering players either via our Facebook page or Twitter as well as other places like Xfire. This type of community for us is better than one on an anonymous forum, mostly because they can easily communicate and see other real people and build real world relationships that can lead to stronger in-game relationships.

Q: Arcane Saga has a class system where the archetypes are able to do a lot more than traditional archetypes; is this something you are going to further promote throughout the game?
A: One of the big things we’ve changed in Arcane Saga is the way the class system (job system) works. We’ll detail this out as we get closer to launch, but it is safe to say that each job has its own role and accessing them is now very easy to do.

Q: Thank you so much for your time! Is there anything you’d like to tell our viewers before we wrap this up?
A: Join us on Facebook; we’re very active with the community there. You can also follow us on Twitter and ask random questions which we’ll answer! Even if it’s not related to the game! Just ask @ArcaneSaga and we’ll give you an answer – we just don’t guarantee any answer will be accurate or correct!

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