The Battle Arrays of Age of Wushu

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Battles are seldom won by an individual, strategy and formations executed by a group of skilled fighters are they key to winning. In Age of Wushu large battles or team oriented fights yield great reward. These rewards are financial, physical, and historical. A victory with a team fight usually means you have conquered an instance, prevented theft within your school, or even overtaken another guild’s territory for your own. Mastering Arrays for these fights not only strengthens yourself, but an entire party.

Arrays vary in both sizes and buffs. They improve “strength” in combat, whether that is literally brawn or rather some other attribute, depends on the Array. Some arrays can be accomplished by a mere three players, while others require over ten to perform. The more players that are needed the bigger the buff. There are several arrays to learn and acquire, whether through instances or Random Encounters. There are currently six external Arrays, (within schools there are also Arrays).  You will learn the Three Talents Array while training in the starting village. It is a simple array that requires only Three participants. This is an excellent starting array due to the number of members required and its availability. The effects of the Three Talents showcase the variety in Arrays as well, while it doesn’t directly adjust Strength, it does increase attack damage and reduce taken damage on members that have performed the Arrray.

The two instances player’s enter the most, Twilight Village and Green Cloud Castle, are the best examples to see how an Array can help a team.  Choosing who leads, and what skills are used in the Array, adds to the excitement of being a master tactician. For example, using the Return to Origins Array lets players use two very different skills, Charge and Penetrate and Return Tiger to the Mountain. Charge and Penetrate,exponentially increases aggro on a player allowing them to distract enemies or one very powerful boss. Return Tiger to the Mountaindeals extra damage while also reducing the target’s defenses. The latter can be taken by weaker range players while stronger players can use the extra aggro to focus enemy attacks.

The Weiqi Player Profession is very important to Arrays. Like the other Culture Professions (Painter, Musician, Calligrapher) the Weiqi Player enhances a particular aspect of combat or life.  Weiqi is very similar to Chess and utilizes similar strategies. Players use the skills of a game board and direct them to the board of battle. If a Weiqi Player activates an Array it will add a bonus dependent on the level of the Weiqi Player’s skill and their manual level.  Using the right Array and the right partners in an Array can create a great advantage over opponents.


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