Neverwinter: The Orcs Revealed

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Perfect World Entertainment has released a new video and some screenshots highlighting the Orcs, the fearsome greenskin enemies that inhabit the world of Neverwinter.

With a history shrouded in mystery and a ruthless society made up of battle-hardened warriors, Orcs have always been a major threat to humans, elves and dwarfs. You'll cross paths with more than a few Orc warbands throughout your adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and knowing more about these fierce opponents will make you better prepared to do battle.

Read up on Orcs in Neverwinter  or check out the new Orcs in Action trailer!

A new Comment to Win event has been opened on the forums: Which Forgotten Realms city is your favorite to adventure from? Will you be our next lucky winner of a Guardian of Neverwinter Pack and join Beta Weekend 2 on March 8, 2013?

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