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Whether or not you've started taking part in the structured PvP within Guild Wars 2, there are some tips and tricks that have been learned along the way that you might find helpful. We'll be looking at these based on the map they deal with, starting with the general tips and tricks. 

  • Always fight on the capture points. It doesn't matter if you're defending or attacking. If you are going to fight someone and you're near one of the capture spots, get into its radius. The benefit of this is that if you already own it, your enemy can't flip it (as you being inside will lock it), and if your enemy owns it and you win the battle, you're already in it so you start flipping it to your side quicker

  • If you want to raise your PvP rank as quick as possible, you will want to do your daily/monthly PvP quests for PvP Glory Boosters, which increase your Glory earned by 50% for one hour

  • If you want to test your skills against the mobs you can find in Forest of Niflhel or Legacy of the Foefire, you can find them in the southeast part of Heart of the Mists

  • If you want to practice against players of a certain class but don't want to play against real people, you can find “sparring NPC's” in the center north area of Heart of the Mists. Each of these NPC's uses the same skills players of their class might use, so they are good for practice

  • You can queue for tournaments and then leave the Heart of the Mists! You will stay queued. You can also log out while queued, or switch characters. If you want to play on a different character than you PvP with, you can join the queue on either character, swap to the one you want to play, and then when it's time for the tournament to start you can just change back over and jump in the game on your PvP one

  • When dealing with PvP groups, going based on a player's “rank” isn't efficient. Someone can be rank 40 but be playing on a character they've never used before. Or they could be rank 5 but have a lot of experience with PvP through practice

Battle of Kyhlo

On this map there are trebuchets located in the east and west side (near the spawn points for each team). These can make or break a battle, so it's important to have someone manning yours, as well as destroy the enemy's. If yours is taken down, there are repair kits that spawn randomly on the map that can be picked up and used to rebuild the trebuchet. You can fire pretty much anywhere with these, so work with your team to determine targets.

Forest of Niflhel

On this map, the two mobs that spawn (Chieftain and Svanir) are by far the most important parts of the match. These give 25 points to your team and give a nice damage buff. Above all else, your target should remain being these (skip the capture points if one or both of these mobs are up).

It's also worth knowing how these mobs work, which is based on the last hit. This makes them easy to KS, but also makes them easy to be KS'd. Crowd-controlling enemies that try to take your kill is helpful, as is helping him kill enemies and throwing down your best cooldowns if you're going to do the KS'ing.

Legacy of the Foefire

For this map, each team has a lord. He has four minions and they are all stationed in the bases near the spawn of each team. The point of this commander is to give your team 150 points, although it's really hit-and-miss. In the majority of cases, it's worth skipping it and just working on capturing the different objectives (otherwise the other team might take the objectives while you try to work down the commander and then help him kill you).

Raid on the Capricorn

In the middle of the map are the Ruins, one of the capture points. This is underwater, and all around it are sharks that are allied with whichever team owns the Ruins at the time. If you can get an enemy player to follow you around in the water when you own the Ruins, you can get a lot of sharks to assist you with killing them. Along with this, if you are fighting near the capture point you can kite your enemies around a little and let the sharks help take them down.

If you're trying to capture the area and don't see enemy players, go ahead and just head to the capture circle and start taking it. If there are players near it, however, it is usually more efficient to kill a few sharks first. The more there are alive, the more will be attacking you while you try to take care of the players.

Temple of the Silent Storm

The biggest thing to know about this map is that there are commune spots that spawn throughout the match. You will be able to see these based on icons that come up with them. These are important, as each one you commune with will grant your team an additional 3 points per kill while their buff is in effect (the buff is a team buff, not individual). In other words, instead of getting 5 points per kill your team will be getting 8, which can add up quick. They don't take too long to commune with, so you will want to jump on them as soon as they are up, and try to keep your enemies from taking them.

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