Age of Wushu Receives Major UI and Localization Overhaul

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Snail Games has heard your cries! In response to the player feedback from the first and second Closed Beta, the Age of Wushu development team has taken major strides to adjust the two biggest complaints reported. The Localization and UI for the game have undergone a rigorous change to ensure the North American audience has a better experience.

Quest tracking and feedback from fans were invaluable tools that helped answer important questions for the localization team: Were players frustrated because dialogue became too difficult to track? Was there a profession that had mismatching recipe ingredients? The resounding "Yes" to these questions and others drove us to adjust our localization efforts. By employing specialized companies to help resolve issues before the title launched publicly, we are working hard to ensure that the localization is top notch.

The UI was a different monster to slay. Based on an established system from the Chinese version, the UI required a large amount of redesign and QAing to assure that the new features did not snowball into bigger issues. The redesign had a huge effect on the new localization strategy as well -- much of the text now had new menus to fill, different boxes of text to fit within, and various other obstacles. These matters were among the improvements added that pushed the game from its initial February launch, but allowed us to better address community feedback and enabled us to present the public with a beautiful game experience come Spring.

These changes are in the final stages of testing and will soon be implemented in the ongoing Beta. Though the game is not 100% complete, the team remains dedicated to creating a smooth gaming experience. More details will be announced as we near the launch of Age of Wushu.

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