Star Wars: The Old Republic Releases Patch 1.7 on Tuesday

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The time to see what you can do about your reputation in Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming. Patch 1.7 will be released on Tuesday,February 12th, which will bring the new reputation system as well as the new Relics of the Gree event to the live servers.The maintenance window for the patch is five and a half hours, although as with most major patches, there's always the chance that it'll run a little longer because of unforeseen issues.


If you've still got more questions about what the reputation system will add to the game, a recent development blog answers those questions. Notably, this patch has not been up for testing on the test server, possibly to keep the event a bit more of a secret. Whatever the case, players will get to put their hands on the changes in just a couple of days, so get ready to travel across the galaxy and get some props from galactic reputation.

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