Scarlet Blade Dev Journals: A Focus on Hard-Hitting PvP

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As most people already know, Scarlet Blade has a heavy focus on hard-hitting PvP. Now that alpha has come and gone, many of you lucky fans have gotten a chance to experience this core gameplay of Scarlet Blade firsthand. We’re sure many prospective players will be happy to know that this game isn’t just a vehicle for fan service; the heart of a hardcore, engaging, and relentlessly fun MMO is beating beneath that sultry surface.


We feel that one of the highlights of PvP is how different the classes feel in combat. We were careful to make sure that none of the classes feel like a carbon copy of another, and each one brings its own unique set of skills to the table. Let’s take a look at the lineup:

The Defender, being the most durable class, is perfect for leading the charge and drawing the initial brunt of attacks. She may not have the absolute highest dps, but she is able to dish out very respectable damage so that she can’t simply be ignored by opponents. The other melee class, the Shadow Walker, can do incredible amounts of damage once she gets in range. The trick is to let your team draw attention and make sure that you aren’t targeted before you close the gap, since she’s more fragile than the Defender.


The Medic is, of course, always the capable healer. A necessary staple of any successful group, she comes well-equipped with single-target and AoE heals, as well as damage shields and heals over time. Her damage capability isn’t that bad either—about on par with the Defender’s.

The Whipper is a mid-range fighter who excels in AoE damage situations. Her normal attacks give her a bit more range than her melee counterparts, but for maximum efficiency you want to get her right in the midst of the action, because nearly all of her abilities do killer AoE damage to anyone around her.

Bringing up the rear (figuratively, not literally) are the ranged Sentinel and Punisher classes. The happy-go-lucky Sentinel is the most reliable source of single-target damage at range, while the Punisher specializes in ranged AoE. That’s not to say that the Punisher can’t be lethal to a single target, but groups of enemies are where she really shines, and unlike the Whipper, she can stay at a safer distance.


One thing that’s common to all methods of PvP, however, are the Rank Points you get from contributing to kills, and the dog tags that dead players drop. Both of these currencies can be used in conjunction to buy items, social emotes, and exclusive gear. Earrings are powerful pieces of gear that can only be obtained through PvP, for example.

We hope to see you on the battlefield when closed beta rolls around! If you’re looking for more free-to-play games, check out Aeria Games!


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