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Ragnarok Online has been in operation for a very long time. And the game just launched the powerful second class evolution for the Ninja on February 5th. You may be interested in the interview with the producer, Jason Koerperich, talking about the classic server and the extended class.

1. May I ask who I am speaking with today?

I am Jason Koerperich, Producer for Ragnarok Online in North America.

2. Ragnarok Online has been in operation for a very long time now, hasn't it? How long has the game been in running for?

Ragnarok Online is quite the venerable MMO, first enthralling players around the world during its beta period in 2002, with our version launching for full service in June 2003.

3. So what inspired the launch of the classic server?

During Ragnarok's long history various story and game mechanics have changed substantially, all these changes make sense to keep the game moving forward but there is a certain quaint nostalgia that was lost. We had players from day 1 inquiring to us to open such an "old game mechanics" server, after a certain time had passed it became a viable option for us to open that server alongside the normal "renewal" server.

4. Aside from the classic graphics and interface, what exactly is different in the classic server? How does Ragnarok Online Classic differ from the modern game?

The storyline was reverted back a couple of years prior to the introduction of the Morroc area Destruction and introduction of the "New World" areas. For game mechanics we have reverted to "pre-renewal" systems which drastically changed the way attack and defensive formulas worked, newer monsters and new classes needed those renewal changes so they could be more powerful than the older classes/monsters. With our Classic server we won't have those newer 3rd classes or new areas that utilize those higher level monsters, but the old classes will function at their prior crazy power levels again!

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