Chrono Tales Launches Monsters Invasion Event

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Yesterday, the operation team released Monster Invasion of Chrono Tales video in its official facebook, you can check it out below. Go there to enjoy an eye feast. From the video, you can see the interface is thickly dotted by innumerable characters. A tight cluster of players are trying to killing the Monster Boss together, which even makes the server a little more laggy, therefore, the official emergently takes some measure to optimize the server.

Chrono tales is once again witnessed its success. Thousands of players are attracted by this fabulous game, which is customer- oriented: innovative pet system allows putting 3 pets in battle at once, Market system, Astrology System, Free PvP gameplay weekly Siege War, Large-scale guild warfare for capital dominance.

So is the wonder Monster Invasion, which is in game event opens at 20:00 each Tuesday, Thursday also Sunday (EST, Server Time) and lasts for 2 hours. Monster Bosses and their hell legions are invading the Chroland Capital, line 1. Four rounds of invasions and one Boss assaults with his legion and monsters will become stronger round by round. After players kill all monsters of one round, the monsters of follow-up round will appear.


To defend the capital from the Monster Boss, players will get bounteous rewards! All participators have chance to get the rare pet, Hibussac. The items players will get depend on the accumulative damage to each boss. The more accumulative damage for each Monster Boss, the higher chance to get Hibussac!

For more information, please visit the official site.

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