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Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Gravity and Asiasoft Online, and the sequel to the original Ragnarok Online. I'll start of by saying this is a completely first impressionist review to this MMORPG; I'm not going to pretend and lie to you as if I've played any games within this series, however it boasts some interesting features and definitely warranted my attention to at least give it a shot, and so should you!

I'll begin by giving you a little bit about how the game tries to sell its self, what kind of MMORPG player it'd appeal too and some general features many MMO gamers need to know about before they jump in to a new virtual world.

Ragnarok Online II is (at least in my books) put in the stylized anime graphical department in the fact that it's cute to look at and almost like playing inside an anime; the game allows players to choose from five classes and take on quests and instanced dungeons, engage in crafting, participate in PvP, and many more activities. Ragnarok Online II: The gate of the world was originally cut due to bad feedback from it's community and Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second is something I'd like to see more developers do; decide that the product they planned to release simply would not make it out there and take some more time to polish and develop said product; that's what Legend of the Second hopes to achieve, but does it measure up?

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