Archlord II Second Closed Beta Preview

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Archelord II (KR) is going to start its second closed beta test later this month on February 28th, interested gamers must remember the exiciting CBT 1 gameplay reviews four months ago. has shared some gameplay videos along with the full CBT2 schedule, let's check them out below.

Those of who were previously accepted in the last beta are automatically accepted in the next one! The upcoming 2nd CBT will feature a lot of new content like new areas, dungeons, 5v5 PvP, 10v10 PvP, RvR contents. New weapons will also be introduced with a slight weapon system revamp.

Archlord II Character Creation Human and Orc Only

One of the unique features that this game has to offer is the multiple class or weapon system. During combat your character can fast switch between two weapons by pressing the Z and X key. Every time you switch your weapon, the skills on your hotbar changes. So players can mix up their own classes and such in the future! For example, if you want create a Paladin type build you will have to level up your Sword Mastery and Wand Mastery. Then you would probably have to focus on where you want to distribute your status points into.

Dungeon Boss Fight

You can head for the official site to get more information about Archlord II.


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