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Music-based games are a rare sight on the MMO market. You do not have as many choices with music games as you do with RPGs or shooters. Well, now there is a music game that is looking to make a scene, and that game is Superstar Live and it is free to play. Bringing anime-style graphics and recognition of modern devices, this game is a must-play for anyone looking to let loose and have some fun. Expect some exhilarating, Korean tunes to get your head banging and fingers tapping.

Superstar Live features over five different game modes (with variations, 11 in total), each with their own play style, and well over 50 songs to play. There is basic Karaoke, where players with microphones can sing along to the music and be graded on their performance and accuracy. If you do not have a microphone, there are still 4 other game modes available to you, such as Club Dance, which plays similarly to Audition Online, and Battle Dance, which plays similarly to games such as Beatmania. There is also an interesting mode called Beat Cross, where notes come from 4 sides and you must defend against them to keep your “health” up. There really is a wide range of ways to play, which gives the game a lot of replay ability.

Superstar Live lets you play solo if you desire, but you can also get with a member of the opposite sex and form a Couple for companionship. Why sing alone? As long as you both stay active on the game, you will receive Couple Boxes holding bonuses and possibly cool items! If you find yourself being active on the game and forming friendships, you can also form a Crew. Shout out to the world who your friends are.

There is a reasonable amount of customization in the game, though sadly, most of it is cash only. You can change your character's clothes, along with face tattoos, hat or hair style, and even a couple choices of plastic surgery faces. There is also a large selection of stages, backgrounds, furniture and props to customize the environment you perform in, and other players that join a room you create will be performing on the stage you created. The goods news is that this also means that if you can not afford to buy a cool stage yourself, you can just walk into the room of someone else for a change of scenery. And do not worry, nothing in the game gives any stat bonuses or anything like that. This is a rhythm game and skill is what matters.

Once inside a room, up to six players can perform together on stage. Anyone in the room can “book” a song for everyone to play and you can all have fun. However, up to 12 players can be in the room at one time, so six players sing or dance while the other six watch from the floor where they can walk around, see who is winning, and chat with other players. There is also an interesting mode called “Challenge Superstar Live” where a single player sings on stage and other players have a chance to rate them on their performance. Think you have serious talent and want some critique on your voice? Here is a place for you.

Perhaps you have not found anyone but you are still looking to partner up. There is a mode called “Couple Club Dance” that may help you out. In this variation of Club Dance, up to three boys and three girls partner up with each other. Each player must choose one member of the opposite sex and if they choose you back, you dance together with them. It can be very romantic!

Do not expect this game to be a replacement for games such as Rockband, though. There is no mingling between the different game modes. For example, at this time, you can not sing with a bunch of backup dancers, or form a small band with other people, each playing different layers of a song. It is a fairly straight-forward game and can be pretty fun even to watch.

That said, there are other minor problems with the game. Since the game was only released recently, there are a fair amount of bugs, such as freezes and computer crashes for some players. Not only that, but it is not possible to change your controls from the default configurations. Most players will not be too put off by that, though, since the controls are very reasonable.

If you are the type of player who loves music games or if you are interested in the genre and want a free game to try out to get some experience with other players, this is the game for you. This will not be for everyone, of course, but it can be an interesting way to spend your free time. Its currently-small community is very amicable and, put together with the nice animations and graphics, it's a good package and sure to grow over the coming months as they add new features. Go get your beat on.

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