An Interview With Star Trek Online Executive Producer Daniel Stahl

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The three-year anniversary event for Star Trek Online is now live, and will remain available through Thursday, February 14th, 2013. It is great to see that it has already been nearly three years since it departed spacedock to seek out new life and new civilizations. MMOSite has a chance to interview Star Trek Online Executive Producer Daniel Stahl. He talks a lot during the interview. I am sure there will be something attracting you. Check It out.

1. First of all, would you kind enough to introduce yourself to our readers?

[DSTAHL] Greetings! My name is Daniel Stahl and I am the Executive Producer of Star Trek Online.

2. So Star Trek Online is celebrating its third anniversary. How does it feel to reach this milestone?

[DSTAHL] It is amazing but it honestly seems like we’re just getting started. The last three years have helped us establish a great foundation for the game. We've always had awesome space combat, and in the last few years we've improved ground combat, enhanced end-game, and set the stage for the continuation of the Star Trek Online story. Given the fact that last week was one of the most active weeks we've ever had in game, we feel a tremendous amount of momentum going into year four.

3. Are there any particularly memorable moments over the last three years that you'd like to share for us?

[DSTAHL] Anytime I fly over to Earth Space Dock and see the never ending stream of new Captains piloting their starships for the first time, it reminds me of how important offering a free-to-play option has been for the game. We feel that our player friendly strategy of allowing Captains to experience everything in the game without needing to make a purchase has been recognized as a preferred model by gamers. We were honored that MMOSite selected Star Trek Online as the best free-to-play game of 2012.

4. What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome with the game during your three years in operation?

[DSTAHL] Keeping the game focused on Trek is something we often need to remind ourselves. We are not just another sci-fi MMO; we are Star Trek and we need to remain true to what that stands for. There have been so many episodes with so much to explore, that prioritizing what we do next has been a challenge to overcome. Fortunately, we have managed to release seven seasons worth of updates that have added to the game and helped us achieve the remarkable success we are enjoying now.

5. Word is that a free ship will be released with the celebration of the game's third anniversary. Would you be able to tell us which ship that would be?

[DSTAHL] In addition to all of the spontaneous celebrations that spring up in our social zones during our anniversary, we will also be releasing a very special anniversary gift – The Ambassador class and Kamarag class starships.

6. How will players be able to collect/redeem their free ship?

[DSTAHL] The special Anniversary even episode, “Temporal Ambassador”, will be releasing during the event and we are excited to announce the Denise Crosby will be reprising her role as Tasha Yar for this special mission. All Captains who complete mission during the event will receive the ship as a gift.

7. A teaser picture recently released features the Enterprise-C, featured in a lore-important episode of The Next Generation. Can you tell us anything about what this picture might relate to or hint at?

[DSTAHL] The Ambassador Class ship, the Enterprise-C as seen in The Next Generation episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, will be making a surprise appearance during a special episode we are releasing during the event.

8. Will there be any other goodies or surprises besides the new season and free ship that players can expect with STO's three year anniversary?

[DSTAHL] It wouldn’t be an STO Anniversary without the omnipotent “Q”. He will be making an appearance once again to hand out goodies, party favors, and prizes. Rumor has it, he has also cooked up a new mini-Q mini-Game. Sounds like fun!

9. Are there any other plans or things in the works for beyond the three year anniversary that you could share with us?

[DSTAHL] We are very excited to be working with Denise Crosby, our first Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member to appear in game. We will be collaborating with Denise as she lends her voice once again to the character of Sela. We look forward to giving some previous of what we’re working on in the months ahead.

10. Is there anything you'd like to say personally to mark this occasion?

[DSTAHL] I would like to offer a big thank you to the ever growing community of Captains who explore Star Trek Online every day. We believe that the collaboration between our community of authors and the development team is one of the best in the MMO industry. We look forward to the years to come as we continue to explore the Star Trek galaxy together.

11. Well here's to three more years in operation, and many more after it. Hopefully Star Trek Online will be more than just a "five year mission", eh?

[DSTAHL] It better be. We have a lot of planets, species, ships, and stories left to go! We’re thankful that we’ve made it this far and have every expectation to see you again this time next year to celebrate another great year in Star Trek Online.

Closing Statement: Well from all of us at MMOsite, we wish you, Cryptic Studios, Perfect World Entertainment, and Star Trek Online all the best. Keep going boldly where no one has gone before..

[DSTAHL] Thank you! Live Long and Prosper.

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