Conquer Online: The Oriental Assassin Preview

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This week, partnered with Conquer Online's developer to bring gamers a first-hand report on their upcoming class, the Oriental Assassin, which is claimed to be the most unique PvP class in CO.Click here to attend the Conquer Online: The Oriental Assassin, Starter Pack Giveaway Event.

Conquer Online is a 9-year-old game, finding its way to maintaining prosperity and keeping expanding amid groups of young rivals. I knew this game 3 years ago. It has a gameplay that is similar to Diablo, 7 different classes, a special rebirth system and other cool stuff. Although it is only a 2D game, the Chinese hand-painted art work looks pleasing. There are also varied garments and mount armors provided in game and it is pretty interesting to see players in all kinds of costumes swaggering through the city, riding on different animals.

Character Model
I was invited to test this class before it is officially released. As the newest addition, this class carries on CO’s ancient Chinese art style. Compared with other classes in CO, the assassin seems more mysterious as they have a unique black aura around their body. They use two throwing knives as their weapon but the rest gears seem to be commonly seen in the mmorpg world.

According to the official description, the Oriental Assassin is equally powerful in PvE and PvP. They have 6 skills (one passive, five active), 3 of which are AoE skills. I learned how to use these skills pretty quickly and had a good time bullying monsters (probably because I was nicely equipped). The skill effects look gorgeous but there seems to be some lag as I saw some monsters fall even before my knife hit them. Also, the background music may not sound pleasing for a western player.

I was not that lucky in the one-on-one combat. My opponent was a Ninja played by Nick from the developers. We were equipped with equivalent gears, but he was obviously much more experienced than me. So, I had a quite overwhelming defeat at first, which made me believe battling in CO is not that easy as I thought. If you want to win in PvP, there is more to learn. After getting familiar with my class, I started turning the tie and finally had my first victory, with the “Spirit Focus + Mortal Wound” skill combo. It is a very powerful attack combination which can help an assassin kill an enemy even if it is much stronger than you. The demerit is you have to stand still for 5 seconds, waiting to be charged, so this skill combo would have its best effect in a sneak attack.

Different from a typical western assassin, CO's eastern assassin is special as a long-range class with excellent ability in both one-on-one fights and group combats. If you like oriental fantasy and games of this genre, Conquer Online is worth a try. It is completely free to play.

Click here to attend the Conquer Online: The Oriental Assassin, Starter Pack Giveaway Event.

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