Ragnarok Online: Double monster Drops and EXP for the week

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Two special events running this week make it the perfect time to join up and make your mark in Ragnarok Online.

Event 1: Double monster Drops and EXP for the week

To say "Thank You!" for voting Ragnarok Online as #1 game on the MMOSite Reader's Choice we have double monster EXP and drops active until January 29th. The game currently requires no subscription to play.

During these double EXP/drops events, the amount of EXP that monsters give when killed and the percent chance of obtaining items have been doubled. For you monster hunters out there this means that ultra-rare monster drops like weapons, armor and cards are twice as likely to drop.

Event 2: Get A Jump Start

Are you just starting out in the game or do you have a lot of novice or first class characters you've created but haven't spent much time leveling? This event on both Classic and Renewal will help new characters get over the first hurdle towards mid and high level play! To make the Jump Start event possible, the EXP requirements for character and Job levels to advance to the next level have been slashed in half. This event will run until January 29th, 2013.

These two events don't conflict with each other so from new players to existing veterans can get their low level characters started in a flash. With new events going on every week, it's the right time to jump in and get involved. See you in the world of Rune Midgard!

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