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Age of Wushu is Snail Games’ epic MMORPG which reinterprets Chinese Wuxia Culture.  Because of high-level game performance and a new concept of MMO, it has drawn a lot of attention. This MMORPG is now on closed beta, and luckily, I have got a chance to try it. Let’s look into it to find out if there is something to your taste.

The scene of login-in is impressing. Chinese Wuxia style, plus the background music which is ancient makes a real Wuxia world.

Coming after the login-in is the time to choose your background story. Four stories are offered, which are The Tale of The Tianshan Swords, The Nameless Sword, Phoenix Pledge and A scholar's Legend. They will provide you with different lives. For example, The Tale of The Tianshan Swords makes a character that is badly wounded, and then saved by a famous swordsman. However, he lost all the memory of who he was. He needs to search for his past, and to hunt down his mysterious enemy.

NPC in Age of Wushu is quite different from what I see in many other MMO games. Once, I ran to a NPC, and she was knocked backwards, and then she said some words to me. It made me feel like that I indeed touched her in game.

Instead of leveling up, you can develop your characters' attributes through cultivation. Internal Cultivation and Practice Martial Arts are the two different ways to cultivate.

Internal cultivation is a serene form of cultivation involving the refinement of one's thoughts and spirit, serving as an “Auto Cultivating” method, meaning it will cultivate in the background so you can keep performing other actions. While this allows you to multitask, it takes the longest to level up a skill. Martial arts are an experience of body exercise, and all the movements should be practiced repeatedly. There are various martial arts in Jianghu as well as all kinds of strange and advanced people with numerous training methods. Compared with Internal Cultivation, Practice Martial Arts takes less time, but you have to buy certain pills. There are three basic pills with different effects and prices.

Apart from those two ways to cultivate mentioned above, there is another way which is Team Practice. Team practice unites Practice cultivations with a physical experience in the study of arrays. Also, the varying benefits of the compounding of everyone’s cultivation reflect the different speeds of the group members’ Internal Cultivation.

You can conduct various kinds of attack and defense when in battles. The most important thing is that you should be quick to react in time. I am a big fan of White Cloud Covers the Top. When my enemy is on defense, I often use this skill to knock him down. Matrix method and dodge both contribute to a real one.

There is one requirement for joining any Schools which is that you have to reach 383 points in Jianghu Reputation. How do you get Jianghu Reputation Points? It is really simple: just finish some of the Guided Tasks. There are eight Schools in the Age of Wushu: Emei, Wudang, Shaolin, Beggars’ Sect, Scholars, Tangmen, Royal Guards, and Wanderer’s Valley. You will be access to the school’s internal cultivation and skills after join it.

Offline Mode is an intriguing feature in Age of Wushu. When you log out of the game, your characters become NPCs. You are able to accumulate silver and experience when offline, but it comes with risk, because you have become ripe for the kidnapping. Nefarious players can attempt to knock out, kidnap, and even sell you. While conducting these slimy activities, players will be clearly marked for the Scumbag Steves that they are, which makes them target for both heroic players and other kidnappers.

Through several-day trip in this game, I came across many details, showing me Age of Wushu to be a quite different game from others. In conclusion, Age of Wushu is a good game which leads me to something new. Although something is in need of improvement, it is still in its closed beta. It has completed a real JiangHu world, and I believe that it will do better when it is official launched.

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