Hawken Producer Letter Gives Detail to the Reaper Update

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By chanelluoDate: 01-24-2013 Views:


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Indie shooter Hawken has been open to the public for a month, now the team is ready to unveil its first major content update "The Reaper Update". Coming January 24, this major patch not only adds the titular light mech assassin, but also introduces important balance tweaks and bug fixes.

Part of the next update will include balance changes for the EMP and explosive weapon damage stunlock effect by reducing the stun duration and area of effect. The Reaper Update also comes with the first new mech for Hawken with the Reaper, a new flexible light mech, a new Accurate Reticule, XP changes, improvements to matchmaking, and more.

Tomorrow’s update also marks the start of Hawken’s content schedule, which is expected to be two updates per month, one to introduce new mechs and the second to address balance issues and other changes. Read the complete patch note on the official site.


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