Age of Wushu Launched "2nd School Internal Skill Discovery" Event

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Snail Games has announced the "2nd School Internal Skill Discovery" event for Age of Wushu. This new event will allow Age of Wushu players to begin a new tier of growth within the game through a secondary skill. With this new skill, players gain new combat skills and stat increases as they move closer to becoming the head of the entire school. Click here to grab a CBT 2 key from our MMOSITE Age of Wushu Beta Key Giveaway Event.

Players can choose one of two approaches to learn their new skill:

· Accelerated Learning - Learn the skill through a simple exchange of an in-game item called the School Honor Certificate. The more certificates exchanged, the higher the level a player can train that second skill. This will give players not only a Level 36 max for learning a skill from their own school, but also offer a Level 30 max for a skill from another school in game.

· Stand Resolute and Fight with Duty - Players take on tasks from the head NPC of their school and are rewarded with skill books, allowing them to level that 2nd Internal Skill up to Level 30 without exchanging certificates.. While it takes longer for a player to collect these scripts, the process rewards more experience to cultivate a particular skill. Note: When second skills reach Level 30, the next page for Levels 31-36 can't be rewarded from tasks. They can only be exchanged with School Honor Certificates.

Based on player feedback and data from the second closed beta, Snail Games have decided to revise the launch timing to Spring 2013. This will allow the team to better address community feedback and continue to update the game. When a more precise update on the release timing is available, we will share that information. For further details on the 2nd School Internal Skill Discovery event in Age of Wushu, please visit the official website. Age of Wushu is currently in second closed beta and you can click here to grab a CBT 2 key from our MMOSITE Age of Wushu Beta Key Giveaway Event.

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