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gPotato's latest online acquisition, Sevencore, is one of the latest MMORPG titles to make its way from Korea onto the worldwide stage. Having been in open beta since September in the US, Sevencore has seen a fairly successful pre-debut amongst gamers.

Back in September, just a short time after the game's OBT launch, gPotato was gracious enough to give us a tour of the game and show off all the features that make Sevencore a game worth serious consideration. Together with GM Vi, we visited some of the many areas of interest, explored a few dungeons, and got a look at the game's awesome pet system -- which has been a big focus for the game's development team.

Sevencore places players in a word of nature, straight out of any other fantasy game, but with a twist. The recent arrival of the Sions has brought high technology to an unprepared world, shaking its very cultures to the core. Just to make matters worse, this magical world is embroiled in a bitter war with a legion of mysterious peoples, large and powerful enough to rip all the other civilizations apart. Players embarking in this world are members of the Grand Cross Alliance, a group of races lead by the highly-advanced Goldian race, who wage war with the Amaad Legion for their freedoms and their lives. As players progress throughout Sevencore they will come to learn about themselves, they will come to learn about the Amaad and the Goldians, and they will come to learn the reasons why both sides are fighting. The world isn't what it seems, as players will discover as they level up and explore, and advance in this bloodthirsty land.

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