Room for Wonder Video Shows Off Richard Garriott's Unique Collection

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Richard Garriott, also known to the gaming world as Lord British, has very deep pockets and an appetite for unique collections. Garriott has left his mark on many parts of the gaming industry, most notably with the Ultima RPG series and the relatively short-lived MMOG, Tabula Rasa. Garriott has even had the rare privilege of traveling into space.

Garriott has accumulated quite a collection of odd, unique, and intriguing items that he keeps in his home, a home that also houses an observatory, dungeon and laboratory filled with a number of unique items collected over the years that includes a Tesla Coil, Garriott's spacesuit, a room filled with automatons, Victorian era vampire hunting kits (never know when those might come in handy), and quite a bit more.

If you're curious to see some of what's locked behind the walls of Britannia Manor, give the video narrated by Brad Henderson below a look to find out.

Richard Garriott currently runs his new gaming company, Portalarium. The company is focused on the casual and social gaming space. Right now, the focus is on games like its already active Facebook game Sweet @$! Poker, which will be soon be joined by a suite of casino titles.



Source: TenTon, GameInformer

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