American Congressman Comes Up With A Censorship For A Popular Video Game Franchise

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It's been more than 50 years since the first game ever made, was introduced to our lives. Technological advances have brought us many new devices that are still helping us to improve our lives, or to entertain us to kill our boredom. And that's why, over the past years, we've been surprised with many game titles which couldn't be expected to be in the market long time ago.

Killing people, stealing cars, robbing a bank, selling and taking drugs, dealing with the mafia, hijacking airplanes, setting bombs, are in fact a few things that are included in many games these days. But this time, we are talking about a well-known popular console game all over the world; which is part of a gaming franchise that was always pointed out as violent. And, this is a clearly reference to the bestselling Rock star game: Grand Theft Auto.

There's nothing like stealing a car, instead of buying one. Plus, it's not like police will ever get us arrested.

In fact, the game is immensely popular due to the sense of freedom that gives to their players. The whole GTA premise revolves around a man who is usually in a borderline situation, and is actually introduce to the crime scene, in which he must complete different tasks to increase his reputation, gain respect from mafias, earn money easily, and kill everyone that tries to stop him.

Evidently, this whole situation always generated controversy since it was stated that the plot was way beyond the limits, and for such matter, the game was banned numerous times in many countries, as for it was considered feloniously violent. But the game's popularity never decreased, and it went on being one of the most anticipated games for everyone who loved the series since it was out. The whole game plot has been used since 1999 in 2D, 3D and high definition formats (to our present days). However, there's still a growing debate regarding the game itself, since it's stated that it causes violent behaviors and other psychological diseases that tend to exacerbate mood changes in people.

There's no doubt Grand Theft Auto 3 was one of the great installments in the whole saga. However, it's still controversial because of its crude humor, and violence.

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