Gazillion Boss Defends Pricy Content Pack for Marvel Heroes

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Gazillion Entertainment announced its Founders Program for Marvel Heroes earlier this month. Players could buy the $200 Ultimate Pack ahead of launch, which includes all the heroes, all the costumes, in-game currency and early access. But the high price point caused some people to take pause. Gazillion boss David Brevik defended the price point in an interview with Eurogamer.


"If you stop to think about it, many people have spent way more than that on World of Warcraft or League of Legends," Brevik said.

"You have to realize how much you're getting for that Ultimate Pack. That's one of the packages available. We have other packages available as well that have a different price point." It should be noted the Ultimate Pack is one of three available Founders Program packs: the cheapest is the $20 Starter Pack, the other is the $60 Premium Pack.


He goes on to say that other games have done this sort of thing - like early special releases and collector's editions of games that are over $100. At the end of the day he thinks the pack gives players who might be inclined to buy extras in-game an early discount. Gazillion also plans on selling heroes and costumes individually too, though pricing on that has yet to be decided.

On the Marvel Heroes website reads a description: "Players will be able to get nearly ALL heroes and costumes in the game for free, just by playing." But what does this mean, exactly? Will you purchase the limited-edition digital Founders Packs?

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