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Dragon Saga: Worlds Collide created by Gravity games and available to you thanks to Warp Portal is a 3d side scrolling action adventure MMORPG; which plays and feels a lot like a fighter but has all the great elements a good MMORPG should have, I’m here to break down the 5 things that make an MMORPG what it is and let you know had Dragon Saga measures up as well as my own thoughts and conclusion at the end; if you’ve played this game before, be it another version in the past, I highly recommend you give it another shot and see how much 2 years can do for a game; let’s begin.

Art & Graphics

Dragon Saga features a highly appealing ‘anime’ 3d style which is really quite absorbing at times as the whole world feels vibrant but not so chibi that you feel like a child or a girl for wanting to play it. It’s just the right amount of cute and the rest of the effects are vivid and brutal; which is great. Some action games get it all wrong with over-the-top effects and particles when it just isn’t needed. All of the skills are clear as to what they do and the colour use is pleasant and varied.

Events & Updates

Events and updates for MMORPG’s are a lifeline that just can’t be ignored; luckily that isn’t a problem at Dragon Saga, with routine updates adding more content in to the game as well as new community events and cash shop items to encourage players to get involved with the community. One thing I love is seasonal events; you can kind of see how much a developer cares about their game through their Christmas event or lack thereof, and Dragon Saga added a lot of fun Christmas themed challenges and NPC’s which rewarded you with updates items and seasonal gifts; lovely!

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