Lighthalzen Arrives in Classic Ragnarok Online

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Gravity Interactive has announced a major town update for Classic Ragnarok Online. Lighthalzen, originally introduced to International Ragnarok Online, will now be available on the new Pre-Renewal Classic server. In addition to new quests, the update also unlocks homunculus companion monsters for Alchemist class characters, and the mysterious Somatology Laboratory dungeon below Lighthalzen.



Airship routes to the city-state of Lighthalzen have opened up and adventurers from around Rune Midgard have journeyed over long distances to discover what this seemingly peaceful town has to offer. Established by the powerful Rekenber Corporation, the city-state of Lighthalzen grew from a simple mountain village to a prosperous metropolis. Though they have brought great wealth to the town, visitors whisper of dark experiments taking place behind the clean façade of the Rekenber headquarters. Players will have their hands full if they attempt to unravel the mystery.

This update allows for Alchemists to create Homunculi, user-programmable monsters that will fight on the side of their creators. There are four different kinds of homunculi, each with their own special skills and specialty. These helpful new creatures are much more than pets.

"With the highly requested Lighthalzen expansion on Classic we are giving the opportunity for players to experience more high level content" says iRO lead producer Jason Heimdallr Koerperich. "Quests, Homunculi and our Jump Start event make this a big content update for Classic!"

The Jump Start event is a two week event designed to help level new characters up to level 50. This event will help iRO fans get over the difficult early-game "hump" by reducing the amount of EXP required to level-up character and job levels from 1-50 by half. Ragnarok can be a very challenging game at the beginning, especially for its unique support class characters.

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