RIFT Update Targets Bots and Adds Cross-Server Grouping

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Trion Worlds is back from holiday vacation and has rolled out a new update for RIFT to deal with increased bot activity and add a useful new feature.


The holiday increase in botting has been met with a aggressive decrease as Trion announced that thousands of bot accounts were banned, bots that were created using stolen credit card information and fraudulent RIFT purchases as is often the case. As part of the update to deal with the bots, Trion posted an advisory message to players that usie automated keyboard software of possible problems that may be encountered over the next couple of weeks and what they can do to limit any issues.

In addition to giving the bots the boot, Trion also added in the option for cross-shard group invites with the update. This handy new feature will allow players to group with friends on other servers for dungeons, raids, conquests and PvP warfronts.

The patch notes for update are available on the RIFT forums.


Source: tentonhammer

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