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DragonSaga SEA starts OBT on Jan. 11, 2013. Before playing, you may be interested in the interview with the community manager,Bessie, talking about the features and special system of the game.


1.First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions on Dragon Saga for us. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Bessie: My name is Bessie, or CM Bessie might be the more familiar name. I am the community manager of DragonSaga SEA. I bridge between the players and our teams to best serve everybody’s curiosity and issues.

2.How would you describe Dragon Saga to someone who has never heard about it before?

Bessie: I would describe DragonSaga as an action MMOs that is casual enough for anybody to get started, but hardcore enough to be addicted to play it every day. DragonSaga is full of fun quests, adventures and non-stop dynamics for the players to level-up, build community and engage. I would say there is something for everybody in DragonSaga.

3.Dragon Saga is known as Dragonica's relaunch in South East Asian. Is there any difference between them?

Bessie: The major differences are the introduction of the new Combo system and various adjustments to the graphics within the game. Of course, the new community filled with old and new players is another exciting change.

4.Would there be any special events/items/equipments related to the culture of SEA in the game?

Bessie: There will be balloons and hats modeled after most of the countries in SEA as well as some customized pets.

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