ArcheAge Makes Good Performance in Pre-order and Netbar Ranking

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ArcheAge is drawing more and more attention as its open beta going on smoothly in Korea. According to the Korean netbar ranking list, ArcheAge grabs the fifth seat in the list and becomes the focus of the game industry. What's more, after announcing the pre-order pricing plan, ArcheAge debuted at No.9 of the Korean virtual item trading list in less than 7 days of launch.

XLGAMES just released their pre-order pricing plan for the first few months of ArcheAge Online. Subscribing for one month costs around 19,800 won which is equivalent to 19$ in USD. Pre-orders come with limited edition golden tokens (trade for in game goodies) and a special dye for capes and sails. The 30 day pre-order comes with an extra 10 days, while the 90 day one comes with an extra 20 days of playtime. Pre-ordering the 90 days isn't that bad actually it's around 45$, just pretend you're buying a newly released PC game or something. It also comes with a whole bunch of goodies like the extra golden tokens, special dye, 90+20 days, and limited edition glider.

According to website ItemBay, 4,000,000 Korean Won (3,770.80 USD) worth of items were traded on the first day of Open Beta. Subsequently, the 2nd day saw the total sum rising to 10,000,000 Korean Won (9,425.18 USD), before ending the week with 30,000,000 Korean Won (28,275.65 USD). From all these numbers, we can see how popular ArcheAge is.

The pre-orders ends on January 15th, 2013 so if you're planning on playing and want a sweet deal for your first month of ArcheAge then start pre-ordering! On the side note, XLGAMES will be picking 20 people to win a crazy gaming PC posted right below. Though they have to live in South Korea and must purchase the 90 day special. Lots of new content will be released once the game goes live.

Source: Steparu. MMO Culture

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